Monitoring JJDPA

Justice Programs is required to monitor all juvenile secure detention centers, municipal jails and lockups, county jails, and juvenile correctional facilities to ensure compliance with the JJDPA core requirements. Compliance monitoring also means evaluating how well the purposes of the JJDPA are being met and taking remedial action where necessary.

In addition to conducting on-site inspections of local juvenile detention centers, adult jails, and adult lockups, Justice Programs provides technical assistance and training to counties on compliance throughout Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's juvenile justice system is county-based, and each of Wisconsin's seventy-two county Circuit Courts serves as the juvenile court when needed. Most community-based juvenile programs and services are administered by counties.

Sixteen counties currently operate secure detention facilities. An additional 25 counties hold juveniles in county jails, with sight and sound separation from adults, for shorter periods of time. Thirty-one counties pay a fee for service to another county. The Department of Corrections (DOC) licenses these facilities, which are subject to annual inspections for compliance with Ch. DOC 346, Wisconsin Administrative Code. If facilities are not authorized to hold juveniles, they cannot and do not hold them.

Page updated:  08/23/2013