Juvenile Justice

Justice Programs is responsible for Wisconsin's compliance with the federal Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) and management of associated federal juvenile justice grant funds. Federal law requires states to be in compliance with four core elements contained in the JJDPA in order to be eligible to receive federal funds.

Federal juvenile justice formula grants are one of the few sources of funding for innovative services and programs in the juvenile justice area. Wisconsin has invested juvenile justice funds in evidence-based programs (i.e. demonstrated effective) to address racial disparities within the juvenile justice system, and other statewide initiatives to improve the juvenile justice system.

The JJDPA requires a State Advisory Group (in Wisconsin, this is the Governor's Juvenile Justice Commission) to provide input into the required statewide juvenile justice plan drafted by the Justice Programs Unit and to advise on funding decisions.

Justice Programs also provides a variety of trainings for juvenile justice professionals including evidence-based practices; JJDPA compliance training for law enforcement, juvenile intake workers, and juvenile court judges; practices to reduce disproportionate minority contact, and fair and impartial policing training for law enforcement.

Page updated:  08/21/2013