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Under the statutes, Justice Programs' Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) serves as a clearinghouse of justice system data and information, conducts justice system research and data analysis, and collects information as it may be useful in the study of crime and the administration of justice (Wis. Stats. 16.964(1m)(f) and (g)). The SAC manages the state's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, manages data needed for federal grant reporting in two program areas, and serves as the mechanism to accomplish legislatively-directed data analysis (traffic stop data collection program).

Wisconsin's justice system relies on justice professionals working at all levels of government (local, county, and state) and in many disciplines. Justice data is scattered among disparate systems at both the state and local level; gaps in justice data exist where statewide datasets are unavailable and when data from different systems does not correspond between databases. The SAC can serve as the state's mechanism to gather data from different sources, resolve inconsistencies between data sources, and provide analysis of statewide data.

Page updated:  10/21/2015