Temporary Restraining Order Exchange

WIJIS is piloting an improved Workflow Services information sharing solution that automatically routes Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) and injunctions electronically from the Courts to the Sheriff. This addresses gaps in the justice system from the victim's perspective, while making law enforcement's job easier, and improving efficiency for the courts. Automatic delivery of restraining orders to the Sheriff's Department means abusers can be served faster, and victims are protected sooner.

The Workflow Services information sharing solution resolves multiple problems. Automatic routing accomplished through an application of Workflow Services:

  • eliminates delays between the Court issuance of TRO and the Sheriff receiving notice to serve it;
  • eliminates duplicative data entry at the Sheriff's department so they can immediately begin the serving process;
  • ensures that the appropriate County Sheriff is notified when the victim and abuser live in different counties;
  • dramatically reduces non-completion rates improving the efficiency of the courts.

Page updated:  12/05/2013