No Contact Orders/Bail Bond Conditions Exchange

No Contact Orders and other Bail/Bond condition information are not captured anywhere electronically; there is no exchange of information possible between the court and law enforcement. Currently, because law enforcement does not know of any arising conditions when interacting with an individual, there is no preventative role that Bail/Bond conditions can play. Violations of court imposed conditions--if discovered at all--are discovered after the fact, generally when interaction with law enforcement has resulted in an additional arrest.

WIJIS has successfully implemented a pilot project in Milwaukee that captures Bail/Bond and No Contact Order conditions for Sheriffs. No Contact Order information is retrieved from the circuit courts, aggregated with victim information from the prosecutor case management system (DA PROTECT), and sent to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. Once received by the Sheriff's office, they are subsequently forwarded to the DOJ TIME system where they become proactively available to law enforcement responders.

This is the first time this justice information has been available for law enforcement, and Milwaukee is currently the only city in the state where law enforcement has access to Bail/Bond conditions and No Contact Orders.

Page updated:  12/05/2013