For the majority of law enforcement agencies, one click automatically sends officers' traffic citations from in-squad computers to the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the appropriate municipal or circuit Court and District Attorney offices. eCitations, a Workflow Services product, makes this efficient and seamless flow of information possible.

In the past five years, eCitations have enabled Wisconsin law enforcement officers (including the State Patrol) to move from paper citations to all electronic submissions. Additionally, eCitations has eliminated duplicative data entry of citation information and saves staff time; prior to eCitations each Court office, DA office, and DOT had to manually key in information for each citation.

In addition to the cost savings realized by the elimination of duplicative data entry, electronic transmission of citations has saved local law enforcement time and money as departments no longer need to physically drive paper citations to the courthouse. This has in turn allowed courts to act on traffic offenses more expediently, and enabled the DOT to meet federal requirements for posting convictions on driving records within ten days of adjudication.

Currently two-thirds of all Wisconsin law enforcement agencies--including the State Patrol--submit electronic traffic citations via eCitations. By 2013, it is anticipated the final one-third of agencies will come online, and that the vast majority of the state's roughly 1 million annual traffic citations will be submitted electronically.

Page updated:  12/05/2013