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The Justice Gateway is a web-based search tool that can access multiple data sources stored by local and state agencies in separate data systems at the same time. The Justice Gateway provides real time criminal justice data to law enforcement, some of which is available from no other source, and facilitates information sharing and collaboration across geographical and organizational boundaries.

The Justice Gateway is a single interface that gives users access to disparate records of local law enforcement agencies, case histories managed by District Attorneys, and court records that may be spread over multiple jurisdictions or are in different stages of the criminal justice process. The Justice Gateway is a unique and distinct system that fills the gaps in criminal justice information between multiple and disparate systems. Participating local law enforcement agencies contribute both formal arrest records and non-arrest records (incident reports, suspicious activity reports, known associations) to the Justice Gateway.

The Justice Gateway is the only way law enforcement can have access to incident reports, citizen complaints made to law enforcement, law enforcement contacts that may not have resulted in an arrest, notes compiled by officers during an investigation, prosecutor data, incident reports, data on suspects and open cases that do not rise to the level of an arrest, wanted persons that do not show up in the State's CJIS system, and arrest records that do not meet the threshold for inclusion in DOJ's TIME system. The Justice Gateway is also the only place where law enforcement has access to the state prosecutor case management system.

Page updated:  12/05/2013