Justice Information Sharing

Justice Programs' primary responsibility is the coordination of automated justice information systems among state and local criminal justice agencies (Wis. Stats. 16.971(9)). Justice Programs's Wisconsin Justice Information Sharing (WIJIS) program provides a statewide strategic vision of justice information sharing as well as innovative technical solutions, such as the Justice Gateway and Workflow Services, that improve information sharing between law enforcement and justice agencies in addition to the flow of electronic information through the justice system.

Many systems are scattered between state and local agencies, so coordinating and sharing justice information is essential albeit difficult. In a mobile society and connected world, the flow of real-time information across jurisdictions and among law enforcement agencies, the courts, and state agencies is essential to the criminal and judicial processes.

In practical terms, justice information sharing improves accuracy, eases access to information, expands information available on individual records, improves services for victims, and increases the efficiency of daily justice business flow processes. Justice information sharing is critical to maximize efficiency and consistency across the system.

Page updated:  12/05/2013