Future interoperability improvements

Communications interoperability involves not just the implementation of technology; it also requires attention to governance, training and exercising, and operational issues. The Interoperability Council, associated subgroups, and OJA provide a forum and mechanism for the public safety community to make further interoperability improvements.

Future interoperability improvements on the horizon may include:

  • Assisting counties and local jurisdictions to connect their communications systems to WISCOM for all daily radio use.
  • Developing standards for systems, facilities, equipment, and certification criteria for persons who operate public safety answering points.
  • Developing function specifications for equipment that foster interoperability.
  • Leveraging WISCOM infrastructure (namely the existing towers owned by the State Patrol) to provide sites for wireless broadband transmission for public safety (and perhaps the greater public).
  • Continuing to support legacy systems and developing interfaces among disparate systems while migrating to newer technologies.

Page updated:  12/11/2013