Justice Programs

Justice Programs advises the Governor and legislature on criminal justice, domestic violence, juvenile justice, and public safety policy. The programs under the Justice Programs Unit are an application of the agency's public safety policy work.

Strategic vision-informed by criminal justice community needs-has led to the development and implementation of operational tools such as the Justice Gateway and Workflow Services, an Interoperable communications program, and DNA/Sex offender location programs. Continued improvement in justice statistics and justice information sharing helps inform and implement public safety policy work.

Statewide strategic plans and needs assessments-developed with stakeholder input-drive the development of sub-grant programs and the selection of grant funded projects.

Justice Programs applies for federal formula and discretionary grants on behalf of the state, develops and implements the statewide strategies required by various federal programs, and coordinates the investment of grant dollars with the needs of the state's criminal justice community.

Page updated:  08/28/2013