Tribal Liaison for Criminal Justice issues

Justice Programs serves as the Governor's liaison with Wisconsin tribes on criminal justice-related issues.

Nine of Wisconsin's eleven tribes operate tribal police departments; there is one tribal jail in operation. Justice is a broad topic incorporating everything from pre-delinquency intervention to prisoner re-entry, and may involve multiple tribal agencies. The Justice Programs Unit has worked to enhance tribal law enforcement capacity and justice information sharing.

Justice Programs also administers the American Indian Reintegration program grant. Wis. Stats. 16.964 (17) directs the Justice Programs Unit to establish a program to facilitate the reintegration of American Indians who have been incarcerated in a state prison into their American Indian tribal communities. The statutes call for a customized integration plan and package of services tailored to meet the individual needs of each participant. Tribal practices and traditions are also required to be incorporated into the program.

Page updated:  08/21/2013