Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program

As required under federal statute, the State of Wisconsin's FY15 Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant application has been posted for public comment.


Byrne JAG has funded evidence-based criminal justice programming--practices that are proven effective and may be replicable across the state--that have benefitted law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, victims and witnesses, and justice data/information sharing.

JAG funds are spent according to a four-year statewide strategic plan which outlines statewide criminal justice priorities into which future allocations of Byrne JAG funding will be invested.

The JAG program emphasizes innovative, evidence-based, collaborative, community-based projects, and includes evaluation components. Many Byrne JAG funded programs are intended to affect justice system improvements that benefit law enforcement/criminal justice professionals and result in time savings, cost savings, and improved justice system decision-making.

40% of Wisconsin's total JAG allocation is directly awarded to eligible units of local government based on a federal formula. The remaining 60% is called the "state's share." Approximately 60% of the "state's share" is awarded to local grantees through sub grant programs created by the Justice Programs Unit which implement the statewide strategic plan. The remaining 40% of the "state's share" is used for statewide initiatives.

Page updated:  11/24/2015