Employment Opportunities

To submit an employment announcement you must first identify the agency with the job opening. To access a listing of all law enforcement/criminal justice agencies, enter the first few letters of the agency name in the text box below.

Example: The Fountain Park Sheriff's Office has an opening for a corrections officer. Enter FOUN in the text box and click Continue. The announcement submission form will then appear with a pick list of all agencies beginning with the letters FOUN appearing in a drop down list.

Enter the first few letters of the agency name:  

After you submit your job announcement, it will not appear online immediately. It will be reviewed and approved during WisDOJ business hours. Online submissions will also appear in the Law Enforcement Bulletin if they are received by the 15th of the month preceding publication and have an application deadline on or after the 3rd Friday of the month of publication.

This page is provided for official use only. Violators will be referred to the appropriate Law Enforcement agency for investigation and prosecution.