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CIB's TRAIN System, including Report Manager functionality, is available for use. TRAIN can be found at; please update your saved links. If you need assistance with TRAIN please email DOJ at

TRAIN is the Department of Justice initiative that makes TIME System training available online. TRAIN was developed to help agencies meet the federally mandated training for TIME System access. TRAIN allows agency staff to re-certify at any location with Internet access for the MDT Recertification, Basic Recertification or Advanced Recertification exams. TRAIN also makes individual training records available online for each agency to access as needed. We encourage agencies to utilize TRAIN to its fullest extent.

All persons holding any TIME System certification are in the TRAIN database and identified as a user. Agency personnel not in the TRAIN database will need to be added prior to online registration. This can be accomplished by sending an e-mail to and must include the following, the person's complete first name, last name, middle name, agency, and assigned job. The designated jobs mirror the current certification levels; eTIME, MDT/MDC, Basic and Advanced. Each agency that wishes to become involved with TRAIN must assign at least one TRAIN administrator. These local agency administrators will have authorization to register for training, generate reports and assign training. Your agency TAC can assign a TRAIN administrator by sending a written request via administrative message to terminal CIBT, or e-mail to

eTIME, Mobile, Basic, Advanced and Inservice Training are available via TRAIN.

  • eTIME certification requires successful completion of Modules 1, 2, 3 and 5.  (Additional modules will be required for eTIME as transactions are added.)
  • MDT certification requires completion of modules 1-6.
  • Basic certification requires modules 1-8.
  • Advanced certification is broken into four individual modules.  Each module covers a specific topic in detail.  Once the user successfully completes a module they acquire the associated skill.  The modules cover the following skills/topic areas:
    •  Person Entry
    • Vehicle Entry (Includes Parts and License Plates)
    • Other Property
    • Project Instructions

Accessing TRAIN
You must enter your unique user name on the TRAIN log in page. If you do not know your user name contact your agency TRAIN Administrator to obtain it. As a first time user of TRAIN you will be prompted to assign your own password after confirming your identity.

To access a detailed TRAIN Instructional Handout click here

To access the TRAIN log on click here


Page updated:  04/04/2014