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CIB Training Courses and Calendar

The Crime Information Bureau (CIB) offers TIME System training. CIB is responsible for providing program instruction in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 165.83(2)(g). The Wisconsin Department of Justice is signatory to an agreement with the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) and must be in compliance with federal regulations and policy. CJIS requires that all operators accessing NCIC must be trained and functionally tested for proficiency and be re-tested biennially. Individuals who have limited TIME System access, including acting as relief of dispatchers/other operators, must be TIME System certified at the level of transactions performed. Trained personnel are more effective and efficient in the performance of their assigned responsibilities. Consideration should be given to the potential liabilities that could result from having untrained personnel.

Courses and Training Materials (click on each course to view the calendar)

Classroom Training Registration:
To register for classroom training being conducted at a facility:
  1. your TRAIN administrator can register personnel online through the registration functions available on TRAIN
  2. For assistance with difficulties or for information on how to register your personnel, the agency TAC or TRAIN administrator may send an email message to
Online Training Registration:
To register for online training,
  1. your TRAIN Administrator can register personnel online through the registration functions available on TRAIN

Registrations received via email or administrative message will be confirmed. All registration requests should note any special accommodation needs for the student.

Requests for Additional Training:
Training requests will be accepted for sites/dates other than those on the enclosed listing under the following conditions:
  1. a similar class has not been scheduled in the same area that is equally convenient
  2. the requesting agency can provide a written roster of at least fifteen attendees
  3. the requesting agency can provide a suitable training location with a classroom atmosphere and privacy for class participants
  4. a CIB instructor is available

Portal 100 Training Video (For best results, right-click on this link and select "save target as...")

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