Welcome to the Wisconsin Crime Information Bureau eTIME System

How do I access eTIME?

You must first have access to DOJ's Wisconsin Law Enforcement Network website (WILENET), https://wilenet.org.

Non-sworn personnel must go to the WILENET site (listed above), click on the registration button, read and follow the instructions to be added to the user database to obtain a login and password.

Sworn personnel, certified by the Law Enforcement Standards Board, are already in the WILENET user database and can register on the WILENET site to obtain their login and password online by following the registration instructions.

Once access to WILENET has been granted, you may now register for eTIME access.

Access to the eTIME system requires a separate registration and authorization. You will receive a different user name and password for eTIME.

How do I register for eTIME?

Before you can register for eTIME, you must complete the online user agreement which is offered on CIB's TRAIN website: eTIME Operator Online. This course covers TIME System basic information, and requires the user to agree to abide by all TIME System policies and procedures, including further training and testing requirements. TRAIN (Training Resources Available on the Internet) allows agencies access to their agency training records, online registration for TIME System classes, the eTIME Operator Online course, Mobile Data Terminal and Basic Certification online training as well as Basic/Advanced/MDT online recertification exams. Each agency wanting to participate in TRAIN must designate a person as the TRAIN administrator. In order to take the eTIME Operator Online course, your agency's TRAIN administrator will need to register you for the course. Once you are registered you can take the course at any time.

To register for eTIME, log in to WILENET and click on "eTIME" in the menu bar. Then click on "WELCOME". Click on the link titled "Go to registration process." Fill out the registration form and click on "Submit." Receipt of registration is not an automatic activation for eTIME. An email will be sent to you within 3 business days regarding your activation and eTIME password.

Page updated:  08/08/2019