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WHEPP Coalitions Tourniquet Initiative

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The Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Program (WHEPP) Coalitions are offering FREE tourniquets, educational materials, and supportive resources to Wisconsin law enforcement agencies. Tourniquets are proven to be fast, effective and safe in treating major extremity bleeding. By equipping every officer in the state with a tourniquet, we will improve officer safety, we will improve medical preparedness, and we will save lives.

This WHEPP Coalitions tourniquet initiative is being conducted in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ), the Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB), and the State Trauma System.

Program Information

Instructor Qualifications
Tourniquet training is part of the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Law Enforcement Officers (TECCLEO) curriculum under the purview of the Law Enforcement Standards Board. As LESB curriculum, this training must be led by LESB-certified instructors. However, the LESB approved a waiver of this requirement in order to support WHEPP's Tourniquet Initiative. Therefore, non-LESB certified personnel may train officers in tourniquet use for this initiative, as long as the trainer adheres to these LESB training materials and the law enforcement agency's Chief or Sheriff determines the trainer is reasonably qualified to conduct this training.

LESB-Approved Tourniquet Initiative Training Materials Example Policies Instructor Forms
If you are eligible, you are strongly encouraged to obtain certification as a TECCLEO instructor, allowing you to teach officers a complete spectrum of TECC skills such as wound packing, chest seals, nasopharyngeal airway use, tactical considerations, and more. If you have already attended a 40-hr TECC/TEMS course or are a physician with TECC training, you may even be eligible for a waiver of the 16-hr instructor course. Contact Thessa Phillips in the DOJ's Training and Standards Bureau at with any questions.